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Sueanne Pacheco is the author of Mrs. Langlois' House. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. She finds herself inspired by the time she spends with her family and friends, and by her observations of the experiences of women
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Why I Write - What Inspirational Stories Do for You - Sueanne Pacheco

Why I Write – What Inspirational Stories Do for You

Why I Write - The Need to Express The one thing I love about writing is the fear and exhilaration of the abstract mind. There is a truth, a care, a vulnerable totality of expression once shared, is given with the intent to uplift others. I cannot think of a time where I didn’t want to write. From the moment I could master a crayon, I was drawing stories. Stories fill my...

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When the Heroine in the Mirror is You - Sueanne Pacheco

When the Heroine in the Mirror is You

What image do you see? The Hunger Games theme is about survival, holding onto your humanity and dignity.The Divergent themes were intertwined with how to control fears and be free of them.The Star Wars theme is about good versus evil.The Star Trek theme is to seek out the unknown, to live long and prosper (paraphrasing in case any true Trekkies decide to get after me).What do these story themes have...

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A girl with a backpack. Stands on a pier. Looking out at the water. Blog Post - Title: Why Transition Shapes Your Story - Sueanne Pacheco

Why Transition Shapes Your Story

Welcome to Sueanne A place where you, (the readers) are important.. Your stories are important. How each of you tell your story is important – whether verbally, through paintings, photography, video or by written word you are the story. We are born lovable and vulnerable. We are shaped by the transitions occurring at wanted and unwanted moments in our lives. As social creatures, we seek to find a way to...

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