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Sueanne Pacheco is the author of Mrs. Langlois' House. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. She finds herself inspired by the time she spends with her family and friends, and by her observations of the experiences of women
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Calm Within The Storm

  Gnashing wind. Silence. Rain pounds the roof of the art supply store. I stand in the aisle alarmed the roof may come down on my head. I lean over to place paint brushes into my shopping cart and hesitate as lights flicker, goes out then comes back on again. The chitter chatter of other shoppers stops cold. The store lights flicker once again. Then all goes dark. Frazzled voices travel...

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Man or A Seahorse

  Shadow owns me. I open my eyes. Slivers of sunlight cast docile shadows on the popcorn ceiling that meets the white wall of my unpacked, messy bedroom. I breathe deep. I watch the puppet show. What twin shadow follows me? I’m both lured and irked by ripples of light and dark on my wall. I close my eyes in hopes sleep will call me back to the veil of dreams....

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  I escape to my home away from home – the ravine. I stand at the steady stream nestled between lush foliage and the canopy of blue sky. The warm breeze caresses my face. I watch the clear, gentle water ripple around pebbles, rocks and branches scattered about its path. The chirps of small birds announce their fun-loving presence. I look up. To my fledgling eyes, I’m not disappointed. Mid-way on...

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Mother’s Love

  I’m here with you. I hear your melodic voice deep within my soul. My heart melts for I long to hug you. I miss you. I’m unable to hold back my tears. For two years I’ve cried. You’d think there can be no more tears to cry. Yet, I cry. I cry out of loss. It is a loss of my inner self attached to the lies of culture and society...

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Why I Write - What Inspirational Stories Do for You - Sueanne Pacheco

Why I Write – What Inspirational Stories Do for You

Why I Write - The Need to Express The one thing I love about writing is the fear and exhilaration of the abstract mind. There is a truth, a care, a vulnerable totality of expression once shared, is given with the intent to uplift others. I cannot think of a time where I didn’t want to write. From the moment I could master a crayon, I was drawing stories. Stories fill my...

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